Christmas At the Gill's - Christmas Recipe Index

These are the recipes of the foods we have at our house at Christmas.  Of course, we don't have everything every Christmas but over the years these have become symbolic of the Christmas table and festive entertaining.  All of these recipes are also indexed on the "Recipe" index page under whichever specific headings they fit.


Fun Stuff

Gingerbread House
How to Stuff A Christmas Stocking

Pineapple Cheese Ball


Breads & Cereals
Carrot Rolls, Mrs. Spracklin's

Spiced Oatmeal Pudding Bake. .  . Christmas Morning Breakfast

Boiled Raisin/Fruit Cake
Cherry Cake, Mom's
Cookies & Desserts
Butter Spritz Cookies
Plum Pudding, Christmas
Chocolate Coconut Snowballs, Linda's
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate Cream Marshmallow Squares--Chocolate Lovers-No Bake
Cocoa Truffles
Coconut Delights. . . Homemade Chocolate Bars
Date Pudding, A Christmas Surprise
Five Star Bars, Anne's
Jam Squares, Aunt Cora's 
Jam Squares, Simple
Lemon Squares
Magic Cookie Bars
Magic French Fudge. . . Quick, Easy, Creamy & Delicious
Nanaimo Bars
Nutty Gumdrop Squares
Oatmeal Florentine Cookies
Pineapple Cream Squares--Anne's, No-Bake
Pudding Sauces
Raisin Oatmeal Steamed Pudding
Russian Tea Cakes  
Shortbread Cookies, Whipped
Strawberry Chiffon Squares, No Bake
Sugarless Fruit Cake

Main Dishes
Gluten Steaks

Vegetables & Side Dishes
Carrots, Glazed 
Carrots, Marinated
Cranberry Salad, Frozen Holiday  
Onion Pudding, Steamed
Parsnip, Glazed


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