Cottage Cheese Patties I

I received an email from my niece Katherine with a forwarded recipe from my cousin.  He was sending her this Cottage Cheese Pattie recipe that he'd found in his mother's binder and thought they were very good.  Immediately, I realized I had the same recipe in an old church cookbook that Aunt Joan, his mother, had actually typed the manuscript for many years ago. I've made these patties several times over the years and we always enjoy them.

Now, I'll tell you that the ingredients of cottage cheese, oatmeal, bread crumbs and eggs can be quite bland if not seasoned well and nicely.  You don't have to stick with just savoury.  Experiment with a variety of herbs and you will need to use salt to bring out the flavour.  Just be careful if you use a salt based herb or spice mixture like a steak seasoning.  Take into account for the salt included in these seasoning before you become too heavy handed with the salt cellar.  

I made a double batch the other day for a church potluck.  I kept out enough for our dinner and we happily ate them with mashed potatoes and a few vegetables on the side.  

Cottage Cheese Patties
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup raw oatmeal
1 cup breadcrumbs
3 eggs or equivalent in egg whites
Salt and savoury to taste
1 medium onion, chopped fine
Oil for frying
Gravy--your favourite or a packaged mix or a can of mushroom soup diluted with milk or water

Mix all ingredients together.  Form into patties. Brown on both sides in the oil. Make a brown gravy and simmer the patties in this until the oatmeal is done.  

I like to fry the patties until they are nice and golden brown and firm to the touch.  I baked my patties in the gravy for about 30 minutes.  But sometimes I simmer them in the frying pan.

This makes about 10 nice-sized patties.

Here are the herbs and spices I used in the patties.  I felt like a traitor using the sage because Savoury is "King of the Herbs" in Newfoundland and I never use sage in anything until I made these patties.  I just felt like I wanted to use it but I only used a very small amount.  I don't think my treacherous act will be detected by the good folks at the church as I could barely detect it myself and I knew it was there!

Everything's ready to be mixed.
You can see the seasoned salt, savoury and sage on the left side of the picture. 

 Mix everything together--it's as easy as that!

The large patties were for our dinner and the smaller ones for the church potluck.  I always make them smaller for potlucks. (You know how everyone wants a taste of everything.)

 Here's the small casserole with the larger patties for our dinner.

Here's the large casserole with the smaller patties for the church potluck.  I'll add the gravy before baking these later on the week.  These freeze really well if you want to do a double batch for yourself.

These were really good.  We ate every one of the patties I'd left out for our dinner--no left-overs for supper. 


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