Rice Krispie Butterscotch Squares--No Marshmallows

These Rice Krispie Butterscotch Squares are a tasty alternative to the classic marshmallow square that just about everyone has tasted and loves.  Acutally, these Rice Krispie Butterscotch Squares are addictive if the number of squares I felt obligated to eat testing them for this recipe is any indication.   They're "moreish" as Aunt Sadie would have said.  I think I should "test" one more.  One must keep up one's strength for writing, you know. . .

Not everyone eats marshmallows--just ask your vegan friends.  And many vegetarians won't eat the fluffy marshmallow, either.  It's because they contain gelatin which is rendered from animal bones.  (I'll leave that ethical question for you to answer for yourself, I'm just giving the reason for the abstinence.)  Be that as it may, these squares are so tasty, you won't even be looking for the marshmallows. 

This is another recipe from the old blue church cookbook that the Blueberry Dreams came from on a previous post.   I just love that old book. 

We've enjoyed these squares for years because they are so good.  But just recently it occurred to me that they can be made vegan and gluten free for people who eat this way.  They can be made very successfully with a vegan margarine and if you use a GF crisp rice cereal, they are also suitable for the gluten free gang.   These are just a crowd pleaser any way you look at them, unless you don't eat sugar. (You're definitely on the wrong blog if you don't eat sugar.)  

I made these with the 5 cups of cereal but I think I like them better made with the 4 cups.  I like the gooey texture that the lesser amount of cereal gives.  But, it's up to you.  You'll make these more than once so you will eventually figure out how you like them best.  I really think I should now go and make another batch with the 4 cups of cereal just to make sure that's how I like them best. Hahahahaha!

Rice Krispie Butterscotch Squares
4-5 cups crisp rice cereal (Rice Krispies)
¾ cup brown sugar
¼ cup butter or margarine
¼ cup corn syrup or golden syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla or maple flavouring
Pinch salt

Grease and line with parchment paper an 8- or 9-inch square pan.

Over medium heat, in a large saucepan, cook brown sugar, butter or margarine, and corn syrup together until just dissolved. I used a candy thermometer and I brought the temperature to 200 degrees, just below the soft ball stage.  Remove from heat immediately.

Add salt and flavouring, stirring to mix.  Add the Rice Krispies.  Use only 4 cups if you like a gooey cookie.  Mix until well coated with syrup mixture.  Press into prepared square pan.  Cool for several hours before cutting into squares.  Store in covered container.

If desired, a drizzle of chocolate may be used to decorate each square. 

Measure 4 or 5 cups of Rice Krispies or other crisp rice cereal.  If you like a gooey cookie, use the 4 cups.  If you like a firmer cookie, use the 5 cups.

Melt the butter, brown sugar and corn syrup together until dissolved.  I cooked my mixture to 200 degrees on a candy thermometer.  Don't forget to add the vanilla and salt when the syrup is cooked.  Mix in the cereal and stir until completely coated. Pack into prepared 8-or 9-inch pan.  Grease the bottom of a measuring cup and use that to pack in the mixture. 

I don't know what the prognostications of spilling salt are, but I've superseded all dour expectations of those predictions trying to photograph this dash of salt.  

This little set of measuring spoons was a gift from Vicki, my daughter-in-law.  She gave them to me before she was even going out with Peter.  Who knew she'd someday marry my son?

When the Rice Krispie Butterscotch Squares are cold remove them from the pan.  The overhanging parchment paper makes removal so easy.

Cut the squares as large or small as you want.  I made 25 squares cutting them in rows of 5x5. 

 Drizzle the squares with melted chocolate, if you wish.

Pile them on a plate and watch them disappear!


  1. love your special measuring spoons! this recipe looks really good, got to try it soon :D



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