Mango-Tango Smoothie

I was shopping the other day and came across the most charming little milk bottles anyone would ever want to own.  They are actually beverage containers to be used like you would a juice glass.  I couldn't resist the urge to buy them, so I did.  Filled to the top they hold just over a cup of liquid which is a nice serving for most drinks.  I can't wait for the kids and grandchildren to come visit so I can serve up some chocolate milk or an amazing smoothie in these cute little bottles.

 This is the box of milk bottles I bought.

With that in mind, we make smoothies all the time at this house.  We usually throw a few handfuls of fruit in the blender, wet it all down with juice and whiz away.  I know most of you might think yogurt is needed for a smoothie but I can assure you, whatever fruit and juice goes in the blender is called a smoothie at our house.  But that won't do with these little milk bottles because impressed on the front of each bottle is a cow and the word "dairy".    As it happened, I also bought yogurt when I was out shopping.  So today I set about making a "real" smoothie using not only the fruit but also the yogurt so I could truthfully fill those bottles with a diary product, ha, ha.

Searching though the refrigerator, I found a very, very, very ripe mango which means it was very, very, very sweet.  I peeled it and chunked it up and threw it in the blender container.  Then I spied some tangerines which were as sweet as candy and they went in the blender.  I was going to put in a frozen banana as well but I hadn't any in the freezer but I did have frozen apple slices so they went in.  Then the yogurt and a little juice to help it all blend up.  I would have thrown in a few ice cubes but didn't have any frozen.  (Who needs ice cubes in the winter???)  Mmmmmm.... what a lovely, sweet smoothie.  This was so sweet one could have mistaken it for a sugar laden treat!

Actually, who needs a recipe for a smoothie?  Just keep putting in the fruit and any other ingredients you may find beneficial to your taste buds and digestion and there you have it---a smoothie.  

Mango-Tango Smoothie
1 large, very ripe mango, peeled and diced
2 large tangerines or oranges, peeled, sectioned and seeded
1 frozen banana, peeled and sliced or 2 cups frozen apple slices, seeded and peeled if desired
1 cup plain yogurt, any kind
1 cup cold orange juice or apple juice or even water
Ice cubes, optional

Add all ingredients to blender and whiz on highest speed until everything is smooth and creamy.  For a frostier drink, add a few ice cubes while blending.

Makes about 5-6 cups of smoothie. 

 Very ripe, very sweet mango, tangerines, plain yogurt.

 Add the juice and frozen banana or apple.  
Throw in a few ice cubes if you have them and whiz away.

Pour into glasses or in this case, milk bottles.
Sweet, smooth and healthy!

 Smoothie, anyone?


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