Watermelon & Cream Canadian Flag

As Canada Day is just over a week away I thought I'd better get a few Canada Day recipes on the go.  This is a great country and on our national holiday we love to celebrate its birthday with parades, barbeques, picnics, fireworks and lots of red desserts.  Last year I made my O Canada Day Cake with a red maple leaf going through the middle and also Forget-Me-Not Cupcakes to commemorate the July1st  Memorial Day in Newfoundland.  I've made lots of desserts for Canada Day over the years but nothing as healthy as this one.☺  Of course I wouldn't deny anyone a piece of cake along with this simple little fruit salad. 

The maple leaf and side bars of this Canada Flag are made of slices of watermelon and the white background is any whipped cream of your choice.  I used lightly sweetened whipped coconut cream but a regular sweetened whipped cream or whipped topping will work. Even the filling of an unbaked cheesecake would be delicious.   

The kiddies might like to help you make these as it was quite fun to put these together.  The scraps of watermelon didn't last long either but they can be saved to use in a fruit salad or a smoothie.  

You will need a maple leaf cookie cutter to make the flag and the size of the cookie cutter will determine the size of the finished flag.  I used about a ½-inch slice of watermelon for my flag but you can vary that thickness according to the size of the flag(s) you want to make.

I've given the directions for a single serving but if you have a large rectangular serving platter a large "flag" could be created to serve everyone at your celebration.

Watermelon & Cream Canadian Flag
For each flag you will need: 

1 ½-inch slice of seedless watermelon 
2 or 3 tablespoons whipped cream or whipped topping, etc (see above)

Lay the watermelon slice on a cutting board.  Using a maple leaf cookie cutter cut one maple leaf from the watermelon.  

Using a knife cut two side bars, each a little longer than the maple leaf.  

Lay the side bars on a serving plate and spread the whipped cream between.  If you have uneven edges use a damp paper towel to wipe the top and bottom edge of your "flag" level. 

Carefully centre the watermelon maple leaf between the side bars.  And there you have it--a Watermelon and Cream Canadian Flag!

I cut a small slice from the watermelon peel to steady the melon while I was cutting a neat slice.

Cut a ½-inch slice from the watermelon.  You may, of course, make your slice as thick as you like, according to the size of the flag you want to make.

Lay the watermelon slice on a flat cutting surface and cut out a maple leaf using a cookie cutter.  Then cut two side bars a little longer than the maple leaf.

When you have the watermelon pieces cut you may need to blot them between paper towels.

Lay the side bars on each side of the serving plate.  Spread 2 or 3 tablespoons whipped cream between the bars.

If your top and bottom edges are uneven use a damp paper towel to wipe and level the edges.

 Gently centre and lay the maple leaf on top of the cream.

Happy Canada Day!


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