Blueberry & Pineapple Layered Dessert

If necessity is the mother of invention then this Blueberry & Pineapple Eclair Cake is certainly a child of that mother.  Having almost a full can of crushed pineapple sitting around in the fridge for nearly a week I felt obligated to do something with it before it met its fate in the garbage.   And because I'd been picking and packing blueberries all week I thought of combining the two fruits in some kind of dessert.  And because we'd finally gotten some hot and humid weather, after a nasty and cold July, I didn't want to bake or cook anything that would add to the humidity.  (Although, as one person has said, "Humidity is the only heat we get.")  So I thought and thought and looked through cookbooks and then went online and finally had a look through my recipe files.  There was nothing I wanted to make--too much work, or it didn't sound nice, or it had strange ingredients.  Then my eyes fell upon my recipe for Chocolate Eclair Cake which is on this blog as well as in my files.  I could add blueberries and the crushed pineapple to the filling and have a new dessert (and use up that pineapple).  I had all the ingredients in the cupboard or fridge so I was good to go.  

Easy to make, it comes together in minutes if the cream cheese is at room temperature.  I made a few minor changes to the original recipe but it's basically the same with the addition of fresh blueberries and drained crushed pineapple. 


Blueberry & Pineapple Layered Dessert
1 8-oz package cream cheese, room temperature
2 packages vanilla instant pudding (each package makes four ½-cup servings)
3 cups milk
3 cups whipped topping or whipped cream
21-23 whole graham wafers 

2 or 3 cups fresh blueberries
1 570 ml (19-ounce) can crushed pineapple, well drained

Chocolate or Vanilla Icing (recipe follows)
Chopped nuts or toasted coconut for garnish

Beat cream cheese with a little milk.  Gradually add all milk and the dry pudding mixes.  Beat 2 minutes at medium speed.  Fold in whipped topping.  If you are using a frozen whipped topping, let it thaw before using.  Fold in the blueberries and drained crushed pineapple. 

Layer whole graham wafers and pudding in a 9"x13" dish.  You should have 3 layers of wafers and 2 layers of pudding mix, starting and ending with wafers.  Frost with vanilla or chocolate icing.  Sprinkle with a few chopped nuts or toasted coconut if desired. Set overnight in refrigerator.

While in the refrigerator overnight, the crackers will absorb moisture from the pudding and turn soft and cake-like.  Any leftovers must be refrigerated.

Chocolate Icing
4 tablespoon butter, room temperature
4 tablespoons cocoa
1¾ cups icing sugar (powdered sugar)
4 tablespoons milk

Mix together until creamy and smooth.  Only use as much milk as you need.

Vanilla Icing

4 tablespoon butter, room temperature
1¾-2 cups icing sugar (powdered sugar)
4 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla 

Mix together until creamy and smooth.  Only use as much milk as you need.

Beat the cream cheese with a little of the milk until there are no lumps.  Add the dry pudding and the remaining milk and beat 2 minutes.  Fold in the whipped cream or whipped topping. 

Fold the blueberries and drained pineapple into the pudding mixture.

  Line the baking dish with graham wafers.  I made half a recipe.

Spread half the pudding mixture over the bottom layer of wafers and top the pudding with another layer of wafers.

Top the second layer of wafers with remaining pudding mixture.

Top everything with the last layer of wafers.  You should now have 3 layers of wafers and 2 layers of pudding.

Add a thin layer of vanilla or chocolate icing.  I took a family vote and after some discussion we all decided on vanilla icing.  Sprinkle chopped nuts over the icing.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

As the dessert sits in the fridge, the wafers will turn cake-like as they absorb moisture from the pudding.

Cut into squares and serve.
Blueberry & Pineapple Layered Dessert 
is perfect for a family gathering or potluck.


  1. Pity we can't get graham wafers in Australia; wonder what a substitute would be.

    1. I would imagine plain digestive biscuits would work just as well. They have a similar texture and the taste is just as nice.

  2. I am making this right now. The crust is in the oven & it puffed up like crazy & looks amazing. I did use a mixer to add the eggs, hope it doesn’t affect the taste or texture.


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