Cashew or Coconut Rice Milk

Thanksgiving, with its artery clogging desserts, is over and my body is crying out for something healthy to fuel my daily activities.  That can be hard for me because I have a knack of turning anything healthy into a cream smothered, fat filled or sugar laden treat.  You know what the old advertisement used to say about lettuce: without the dressing it's just rabbit food...sigh....

Perusing through my recipes today I ran across this one for a plant-based milk.  I'm not vegan by anybody's standards but sometimes we eat vegan by default.  But this vegan (use the agave syrup) recipe for Cashew or Coconut Rice Milk is by plan and not default.  And I feel so healthy when drinking it (almost smug).

I've shared my Cashew Coconut Cream or Milk recipe, which is a rich and creamy beverage or cream substitute.  But, sometimes that's not what you want in a milk so here's a recipe for a rice based milk.  The Cashew or Coconut Rice Milk is not as rich as the other.  It makes a great pouring milk for cereal and tastes good by itself as a beverage.  And as a bonus it's gluten free.  After soaking the cashew nuts for three hours, it only takes a couple of minutes to make a litre or so of this delicious plant-based milk.  If you choose the coconut variety, there is no waiting as long as you have some cooked rice hanging around in your fridge.  Just dump everything in the blender and whiz away.

I like the coconut variety strained because I don't like the gritty little coconut particles in the milk.  I use several thicknesses of cheesecloth or a jelly bag (found near the canning supplies in any large store like Walmart or Canadian Tire, etc.).  Pour in the milk and let it drip.  I hasten the process by squeezing the bag as much as I can.  Any pulp left over can be used in muffins or pancakes or in cooked cereal.  But you can certainly skip the straining process especially if you are using the milk on cereal.  

Cashew or Coconut Rice Milk
1 cup cooked brown rice (left-over plain cooked rice is good) 

1 cup raw cashews, soaked 3 hours  OR 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 
½ teaspoon salt                            
1 tablespoon honey or agave syrup or to taste
1 teaspoon vanilla, optional
5 cups water

Place all ingredients, except water, in blender container. Add enough water to blend.  Blend for 1 minute.  While blending, add remaining water to thin to a milk-like consistency.  You may strain the milk if you wish.  Chill thoroughly and shake or stir before serving. 

Makes about 6 cups milk before straining.  

Place all ingredients, except water, in blender container.  The Coconut Rice Milk is on the left and the Cashew Rice Milk is on the right.  

Add enough water to blend the ingredients together for 1 minute.  Then continue blending while adding the remainder of the water.  Your "milk" will have a good pouring consistency.

You will get about 5 or 6 cups of "milk" from the recipe.  Chill and stir before serving.

The Cashew or Coconut Rice Milk is perfect for cereal or as a beverage.

It's your choice: Cashew Rice Milk or Coconut Rice Milk.


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