Merry Christmas 2015

If dear Baby Jesus had been born today,
In a small cove, inlet or bay,
Would we receive Him as one of our own?
Or would He be born– rejected, alone?

If into my town Mary and Joseph did trudge
Would I stare with distain and smugly judge?
Would I look through my window this frosty night
And see the poor couple’s terrible plight?

If Joseph came to my home on the street,
Plodding through snow and the cold, wet sleet,
And asked for a room where their Child could be born,
Would I rudely dismiss him with coldness and scorn?

There’s no room in my home for people so strange!
Surely some centre or church could arrange
Help for the unwanted and helpless and poor,
Why did they come knocking at my front door?

Oh how I’d miss such a blessing tonight,
If I closed my door and turned off the light,
Went to my bed and said my prayers,
Without any worry or concern for their fears.

I pray that my door would open so wide,
To bring the weary couple inside,
Where the Blessed Christ Child would be born this night,
In my soft bed with glowing warm light.

O, Jesus, I pray as each day passes by,
Please keep my heart open to You, to supply
Needs of the least of my sisters and brothers,
With loving compassion to give unto others.

©Lois Gill
December 2015


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